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KCAH Packing Party – 9/24

KCAH coordinates packaging events throughout the eastern half of the U.S., feeding starving children around the world and in local communities. We will work together in an assembly-line setting to produce packets of dry food. The packets (which have a 3+ year shelf-life) are then boxed and distributed. Each packet provides enough nutrition for 6 adults or 12 children for a day.

The schedule for the day is:
• 11:00 am Setup and unpack food
• 12:00 pm Light lunch/snacks
• 12:30 pm Pack food
• 2:30 pm Clean up

Volunteers are needed to set up tables and chairs, and to unpack the dry food from the KCAH trucks. We will be packing 20,000 meals. The lunch is funded through a Thrivent Action Team grant. Look for the signup sheet in the Narthex at the Information Center. All questions can be sent to Carol Koenig at 248-882-8817 or koenig5@comcast.net, or Pam Boadway at 248-420-7757.

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